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Calgary Dentists Explain Laser Dentistry

NW Calgary General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental are experienced in the use of laser dentistry and explain its many advantages when incorporated in to appropriate procedures.  Though the medical industry has been familiar with laser application since 1963 – it’s only been since 1990 that this technology has been marketed and available to all dentists.  Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and has become a recognized handpiece in a dental office. Dentists are required to be trained in the use of this technology and its appropriate use.

Ranchlands Dental Clinic explains that a laser can be very beneficial when treating certain dental conditions.  A laser’s narrow, intense beam of light causes a reaction in tissue.  This reaction is used to reshape and remove tissue. Dental procedures that respond well to the use of a laser are:

Tooth Preparation: Most times a handpiece is used to remove areas of decay on a tooth and prepare the tooth for a filling.  The use of a laser eliminates the need to use a handpiece ‘drill’ and in many cases the use of an anesthetic (freezing). What is also important to note is that the laser kills bacteria present around a surgical site – adding to the healing and recovery of tissue.

Inflamed Gum Removal: A dental laser performs very well when used to remove tissue that has been inflamed due to the presence of an irritant. Used to aid in the treatment of gum disease, a laser is effective at eliminating the bacteria that contributes to gum inflammation.

Reshaping of a ‘gummy’ smile: For some patients improving their smile involves sculpting the gumline to reveal more tooth length and create a more balanced smile. A dental laser dissolves soft tissue, allowing your NW Calgary Dentist to form a gumline that is more esthetically pleasing.

Reduce the discomfort of Canker and Cold Sores: A cold sore outbreak can be painful and inconvenient and though there are many topical creams and oral medications available to help prevent and reduce the longevity of an outbreak – a cold sore can still occur, especially at times of high physical and psychological stress.  A dental laser is not used to cut or remove a cold sore – but is simply used to emit light that is believed to destroy the Herpes Simplex 1 virus.  The healing time for a cold sore is also shortened due to the tissues response to the laser.  If a patient suffers from canker sores a laser is effective in drying out the canker and speeding healing. Though the laser is effective in treating cold sores and canker sores it does not have any impact in the prevention of future outbreaks.

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental also witness great results when a dental laser is used to remove tissue that may be preventing the tongue and lips moving adequately.  Called a Frenectomy – the removal of excessive tissue using a laser reduces discomfort and bleeding and increases the speed that the surgical site heals.

A dental laser is often used as an effective additional step during teeth whitening.  Used to increase activation of the peroxide particles – the use of a dental laser expedites the tooth whitening process.

As previously mentioned; a dental laser is extremely effectual in the removal of soft tissue.  This allows dentists to remove suspicious tissue easily and precisely for biopsy review.  With usage for dental lasers adapting and advancing constantly; their value to a dental team and patients is increasing rapidly.

Dentists in NW Calgary – at Ranchlands Dental – are able to provide further information regarding the benefits of a dental laser.  Welcoming new patients of all ages – contact Ranchlands Dental today – 403.239.5212

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