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Braces For Children in NW Calgary

NW Family Dentists at Ranchlands Dental Clinic know how the thought of getting Orthodontic Braces can conjure up both excitement and nervousness in most children.  Presently there are over 4 million children in Canada and US wearing some form of orthodontic appliance or braces – making orthodontic treatment a common requirement during pre-teen and teen years.  The reasons behind the need to treat a child’s bite with braces varies from patient to patient – but the goal of orthodontic care is to correct, maintain, and/or develop correct arch form and tooth alignment and address any skeletal deficiencies or abnormalities.

The General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental provide orthodontic treatment in Calgary.  Using teeth straightening systems like Invisalign and Damon Braces – this group of NW Calgary Dentists are able to successfully correct both mild and more involved bite issues.  Treating early stage orthodontic concerns with arch expanders and other corrective appliances allows the dentists at Ranchlands Dental Clinic to treat bite concerns like narrow arches and undesired tooth movement due to thumb/ finger sucking, or prolonged use or a pacifier, as early as possible – which often translates to less orthodontic treatment required as a teenager.

Children who face wearing braces usually have a combination of dental problems that will not correct themselves, and will in fact, contribute to greater dental health issues as the child gets older.  Many adults today who live with TMJ/TMD pain, headaches, premature loss of teeth, and periodontal disease would have benefited from having orthodontic treatment as children.  When teeth are not in correct alignment and bottom and top arches don’t fit together properly a host of problems can occur which impacts a person’s dental health – but with early diagnosis and treatment a patient’s oral health can be improved both in the immediate and long-term.

Orthodontic Braces work very efficiently on young patients as their jaws are still developing and teeth movement occurs relatively quickly.  And with systems like Invisalign and Damon Braces there is very little attention drawn to teeth as Invisalign’s aligners are clear and Damon Braces use tooth colored brackets.  Though the mention of needing braces might initially disappoint some children – the reality is that once they’re wearing them and noticing how many other kids have braces – they’ll soon adapt and start to love their new smile.

For more information regarding braces for children in Calgary – contact Ranchlands Dental Clinic today – 403.239.5212

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