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Preventing Childhood Tooth Decay - Ranchlands Dental - General Dentists Calgary

Preventing Childhood Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can affect patients of all ages, including babies, toddlers, and young children. Sometimes viewed as an older child and teenage predicament, dental decay doesn’t limit its destruction to a certain demographic.  It can be diagnosed in the youngest and oldest of mouths. Painful and
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Dentistry For Children - Ranchlands Dental - Dentistry For Children Calgary

Dentistry For Children

Dental Health for children isn’t just about making sure teeth are white and cavity free, but also involves monitoring a young bite to ensure that skeletal and dental abnormalities and discrepancies are caught early and treated appropriately. Correct eruption of baby teeth play an important part in
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Why Do We Get Canker Sores?

They may be small, but boy do they cause a huge amount of discomfort. Everyone has experienced the throbbing pain of canker sores at some point, but what causes them, and why are some patients more prone to getting them than others? From children to grandparents, canker sores can impact all mouths a
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Oral Cancer – Are You At Risk?

If your lifestyle involves heavy drinking, smoking, or chewing tobacco you may be at greater risk for developing oral cancer. But it isn’t just smokers and drinkers who are at risk – people who use sunbeds on a regular basis and have a history of sunburns to the lips also fall in to a high risk
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How A Night Guard Works - Ranchlands Dental - Dentists in Calgary

How A Night Guard Works

Our previous blog spoke of tooth grinding and the impact it has on all oral tissues, including jaw joints, gum health, and bone levels. Left unchecked, the habit of clenching and grinding can destroy tooth anatomy and lead to extensive and ongoing dentistry. Associated mainly as a night time habit
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Preventing and Treating Tooth Grinding - Ranchlands Dental - Dentists in Calgary

Preventing and Treating Tooth Grinding

Bruxism, or tooth grinding as it’s commonly known as, can be a highly destructive habit that not only shortens teeth and contributes to tooth fractures and gum recession, but also induces pain of facial muscles and jaw joints. Impacting patients of all ages and walks of life, tooth grinding is oft
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Chao Pinhole® Surgery Technique – Restoring Your Smile and Your Confidence - Ranchlands Dental - Calgary Dentists
Lunchtime Gum Lift - How it can Restore a Smile - Ranchlands Dental - Calgary Dentists

Lunchtime Gum Lift – How it can Restore a Smile

If gum recession is spoiling your otherwise healthy smile; there is a solution that can restore gums to normal levels and give patients a reason to smile again. Gum loss can be debilitating to a smile as the body is unable to naturally grow-back this tissue – causing roots of teeth to be exposed a
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Dealing With Tooth Pain That Won’t Subside? Is It Sprained Tooth Syndrome? - Ranchlands Dental - Dentists in Calgary
Gum Recession – Causes and Cures - Ranchlands Dental - Gum Recession Treatment

Gum Recession – Causes and Cures

What is it that keeps gums healthy and at an acceptable level around tooth structure?  Why do some patients experience site specific areas of recession whilst others deal with more generalized gum loss throughout the mouth?  Is it trauma that causes gums to recede or exposure to oral bacte
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