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Bad Breath in Calgary – How to Prevent it

As innocent as it may smell – bad breath is the number one dental issue that people deal with on a daily basis. Forcing individuals to stock up on mouth rinse, chewing gum, and mints to mask the odor – bad breath (halitosis) can become a source of stress to those experiencing it and unfortunately over the counter products provide only a short-term solution. Dentists in NW Calgary at Ranchlands Dental offer an explanation as to what causes breath issues and what you can do to prevent bad breath from occurring.

A human mouth is not exactly the cleanest environment – playing host to between 800 to 1000 strains of bacteria.  And even though the bacteria is small, its effects on the mouth can be huge – and not in a good way. Bad breath is caused when there is an overgrowth of bacteria due to poor oral hygiene, certain habits like smoking, medications, and remaining food particles reacting to surrounding bacteria.  Affecting both the young and old – bad breath can be prevented through correct homecare which consists of brushing on a daily basis – preferably a minimum of three times a day – flossing daily to ensure that all traces of food particles are removed and plaque does not form.  Plaque, which is a sticky yellow substance, causes gums to become inflamed – allowing more food particles to become trapped under the gum – and if not removed daily will go on to harden and become calculus which is a major factor in the development of gum disease.  Diseased tissue, along with trapped food particles contributes to the often obnoxious odor that patients’ battle every day.

So the first step in preventing bad breath is great home care – the second step is regular visits to your Calgary Dentist for a dental cleaning.  Plaque can be removed by correct brushing and flossing because it’s a soft deposit of bacteria.  However when not removed it goes on to harden and become calculus – a way more tenacious, hard deposit of bacteria that cannot be removed with a tooth brush – but requires removal from a hygienist using special tools. Calculus provides the perfect surface for more bacteria to form and food to stick to – causing further breakdown of food particles that cause odor and more calculus to form.  If you’ve been experiencing bad breath – a great place to start to eliminate it is by seeing your NW Calgary Dental office for a thorough dental cleaning.

We’ve mentioned in previous blogs – there’s nothing positive about smoking. It contributes to poor dental health, by drying out the mouth, and contributes to mouth odor and lingering bad breath.  Dry mouth allows dead cells to build-up on the tongue and inside of cheeks.  If left, these dead cells react to bacteria that are always present in our mouths – causing a rotting smell. Smoking is a major cause of oral cancer as well as breath issues – if you’ve been meaning to quit, now is the time as it won’t just contribute to your overall health, but your dental health.

Certain medications can also cause bad breath due to reducing the flow of saliva. Saliva is essential to moisten the tissues of the mouth, and it also contains enzymes that help digest carbohydrates.  Without sufficient saliva bacteria multiply quickly; and so begin the cycle of plaque and calculus formation – leading to gum disease – leading to bad breath.

Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental encourage you to make an appointment with you NW Calgary Dentist to address any concerns you have regarding bad breath.  Don’t waste time and money masking the problem – contact Ranchlands Dental today for effective solutions – 403.239.5212

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