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Back to School – Don’t Forget the Sports Guard

Back to School – Don’t Forget the Sports Guard - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Clinic Calgary

Where did summer go?  It feels as though we were just celebrating Stampede and now here we are, well in to fall.  And this season of Thanksgiving, changing leaves and new sports schedules brings to mind the important subject of wearing a Sports Guard.

Why Wear a Sports Guard?

There are many reasons for wearing a custom sports guard – and they are not all centred around protecting teeth.  Of course Family Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary want patients to protect their teeth from fractures and loss – but wearing a sports guard provides more than just tooth protection; reducing the severity of concussions and helping prevent gums and bone from painful injuries.  In contact sports like ice hockey, players tend to clench their teeth tightly in anticipation of a check or hit.  Biting down with a sports guard helps reduce the force and intensity exerted on teeth – helping to absorb and dissipate some of the energy that causes tooth fractures and muscle spasms.

Is a Custom Sports Guard Better than a Generic One?

Any protection is better than no protection, so if you’ve been playing hockey and ringette with a boil and bite guard and still have all your pearly whites – don’t stop wearing it.  But just like anything custom made there are some advantages that come with the design and fit of a device tailor made to your mouth.  Comfort, or lack of comfort, is one of the major reasons why young athletes don’t wear their generic or boil and bite sports guard routinely.  A custom sports guard is fabricated from a mold of a patient’s mouth – and the mold captures all the unique characteristics of tooth size and shape and oral tissue position.  Wearing a sports guard that fits comfortably means easier breathing and more time covering a precious smile – and custom fabrication enables the thickness of the guard to be modified to meet the demands of a specific sport.

All athletes want to be remembered for their skills, not their toothless smile – so this fall make sure your child has the protection they need – talk to the general dentists at Ranchlands Dental Clinic about the benefits of a custom sports guard.

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