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What’s Causing Your Toothache? - Ranchalnds Dental - General Dentists Calgary

What’s Causing Your Toothache?

Are you woken from a deep sleep by dental pain?  When you eat or drink something hot, does the temperature make your teeth overreact?  Or maybe you’re experiencing a constant, dull ache, that doesn’t appear to be getting worse but also isn’t improving over time? Reason for a Toothache Achy
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Does Your Tween Need Orthodontic Care? - Ranchlands Dental Clinic - Orthodontic Care NW Calgary

Does Your Tween Need Orthodontic Care?

Tween – a word used by J.R.R. Tolkien to refer to Hobbits in their twenties – is today’s modern term for pre-adolescent children.  Referring to children between the ages of eight and twelve – tweens make up a large portion of orthodontic patients, as dentists and parents strive to head off
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