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Painless Treatment for Receding Gums

Receding gums don’t just cause tooth sensitivity and increased risk of root decay – they also cause patients to feel uncomfortable about their smile due to exposure of roots which are darker, and more noticeable than tooth enamel.  Ruining the look of an otherwise healthy mouth – gum recessi
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Why You Need to Book a Dental Appointment?

Regardless of our age, how many teeth we have, or just how great our teeth look and feel – everyone should ideally see their Dentist in NW Calgary twice a year.  Similar to your car’s routine oil change and filter check – having your family dentist regularly look under the hood at your pearly
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How Cracked Teeth can Cause Dental Issues

Emergency Dental Care in Calgary can be required for a variety of concerns.  From blows to the mouth during a game of ice hockey – to losing a crown right before an important work meeting – regardless of the reason; patients want to know that someone is available to help them in their time of n
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