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Calgary Dentists List Foods to Help Prevent Tooth Decay

No one likes to give up the sugary, sweet foods that everyone craves, but food does play a huge part in tooth decay. Our Calgary dentists have found a great article by Oral-B that features several foods that help prevent tooth decay including:i. CalciumCalcium is a prime ingredient for pre
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Invisalign in NW Calgary – Making You Smile

Invisalign in Calgary is a turned to solution for straightening crooked teeth without the use of traditional orthodontic braces.  Worn by teenagers and adults these clear, non-bracketing, teeth straightening system is the perfect solution for people leading a busy life in the public eye.Invisalig
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Dental Emergency in Calgary?

Our NW Calgary Dental Clinic has seen it's fair share of Calgary dental emergencies. Whether it be a chipped tooth, cracked filling, or worse, a completely avulsed tooth, not seeing a dentist shortly can lead to cavities or depending on the injury, an infection. According to Oral-B there are several
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Calgary Dentist Helps Build Schools for Girls in Pakistan

Ranchlands Dental has been proud to support the clinic's founding Calgary dentist, Dr. Noor Jaffer with his international charitable efforts, in particular co-founding the organization, IREAD or the Institute for Rural Education and Development. According to Dr. Jaffer mentioned in an article by R
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The Facts About Fluoride From Our NW Calgary Dental Clinic

Our NW Calgary Dental Clinic gets questions about fluoride all the time. In a nut shell, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral (fluorine+salt) and it is used many water supplies and toothpastes to reduce tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel. But how does fluoride do this? According to a grea
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Sleep Apnea Appliances in Calgary

Dentists in Calgary would agree that Sleep Apnea is a serious condition – and just because your bed partner isn’t giving you the elbow in the middle of the night doesn’t mean your snoring isn’t a symptom of this potentially serious breathing disorder.  Affecting more than 10% of men over 40
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